Casino Auditing Bodies


The rise in popularity of online gambling has led to more people enjoying their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. However, as this trend continues, regulations and oversight are needed to grant fairness and ethical practices.

In this review, we will offer insights into the role of online gambling auditors, their industry significance, and various types of audits they conduct.

Why Casinos Require Third Party Auditing Bodies

The main concern for players engaging in online casinos is the assurance of safety and security. This concern is well-founded, given the potential for fraudulent activities, particularly in financial transactions.

Online casinos face challenges such as ensuring game fairness, securing online transactions and safeguarding deposited funds. To instill confidence among players and fulfill legal mandates, third-party casino auditing firms play a key role. These entities meticulously assess casino operations, offering a sense of assurance to customers.

In essence, auditing involves a meticulous testing process aligned with remote gaming licenses distributed by gambling jurisdictions worldwide. Moreover, auditing a gambling site provides licensors with tangible evidence that the brand operates with reliable software.

Functions of Independent Casino Audit Companies

When online casinos have the necessary licenses to operate in a particular area, like New Zealand, another important factor for safety is regular audits by independent third-party casino auditing organizations. These organizations have specific responsibilities.

  • Game Fairness

    Each game, like slots or cards, must be fair. This involves using a Random Number Generator (RNG) software that creates genuinely random outcomes, guaranteeing game results are statistically and probabilistically fair, without any predictability. The payout percentage of games also needs to match what the site advertises.

  • Financial Fairness

    Online casinos confirm that player deposits are kept secure and instantly accessed when needed. Player deposits can’t be used for the casino’s investments or other purposes. Auditing companies provide financial transparency and examine the casino’s financial records.

  • Company Operations

    The employees and company operate fairly, ethically, and transparently. Auditors check for any misuse of sensitive information by employees or suspicious activities like money laundering.

Top Online Gambling Auditors

After successfully meeting auditors’ thorough testing and requirements, online gambling sites earn a badge of approval. This badge becomes a compliance and quality assurance badge that casinos showcase on their platforms. This display enhances the casinos’ credibility and improves confidence among players, attracting higher traffic to casino sites.

Numerous respected auditing organizations contribute to this process by conducting comprehensive inspections and evaluations. Here are several well-known auditing entities that play a vital role in ensuring online casinos’ equity, safety, and transparency.


eCOGRA, or the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is a non-profit, independent standards authority within the online gaming industry. Its primary purpose is to offer crucial player protections to consumers engaged in online gambling.

Originating from Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. and Virtual Holdings Ltd., both significant contributors to online casino-style gaming, eCOGRA has established itself among standards authorities. However, the approval of software developers for eCOGRA membership and the qualification of operators for the eCOGRA Seal is overseen by independent directors.

If players encounter issues during their gambling experiences on approved sites, eCOGRA mediates disputes and advocates for fair gaming.

The highlight of eCOGRA’s offerings is the Seal of Approval, a crucial aspect of players’ gambling journeys. Online casinos with this prestigious seal adhere to eCOGRA’s rigorous standards.

  • Fairness in games
  • Ethical and honest operation by the casino
  • Secure handling of monetary deposits
  • Prompt payment of winnings.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs Australia is dedicated to the independent testing, certification, and audit of online gaming systems. Their core values encompass integrity, accountability, and a strong commitment to safeguarding players’ interests.

This organization is at the forefront of evaluating online gambling sites and gaming systems, conducting thorough evaluations to ensure their integrity and compliance. Numerous prominent online casino and poker systems worldwide have undergone iTech Labs’ testing and certification.

iTech Labs’ evaluation scope covers:

  • Random Number Generators (RNGs)
  • Multiplayer Poker, Blackjack, Bingo, and Backgammon games, including tournaments
  • Diverse casino games such as Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, and Craps
  • Dice games like Craps and Backgammon
  • Virtual racing games
  • Mathematical evaluations involving theoretical Return To Player (RTP) calculations
  • RTP audits of real money games, applicable across all casino games
  • Audits of RNG output in real money games, applicable particularly to card games.


QUINEL, a robust and independent auditing firm, proved to be a reputable provider of diverse testing services to gaming companies for an extensive period.

With Malta National Accreditation, QUINEL is sanctioned as an inspection body, testing laboratory, and certification entity, recognized across major regulated jurisdictions. QUINEL’s evaluation process focuses on Random Number Generators (RNGs).

The organization also provides compliance programs for businesses operating in different regions. These programs help companies meet various market requirements and navigate the complex laws and regulations that apply to their operations.


Launched in 1995 from South Africa, Thawte, known for being the world’s first global certification authority. It has established its highly trusted online security brand reputation, offering SSL and Code Signing certificates, backed by the widely recognized Thawte Trusted Site Seal.

With expertise in various regions, Thawte can provide tailored security solutions for businesses worldwide.

  • Two-year certificates
  • T-refer referral program
  • Low-priced, fast SSL123 certificates
  • Securing Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in digital certificates.


Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) offers comprehensive solutions for modern gaming operators. Their services encompass diverse tests, compliance checks, responsible gaming solutions, and consultations, catering to diverse industry stakeholders.

GLI collaborates with operators, developers, regulators, and lottery organizers, offering various tests and controls for efficient results. For operators, they provide lab-based testing, on-site security audits, and support for compliance with jurisdictional laws. The company also aids gaming regulators worldwide with customized tools that simplify operations and ensure effective compliance.

Having operated since 1989, GLI boasts a global presence with clients worldwide. Their gaming certificates are well-regarded by players and operators, improving iGaming platforms’ credibility. Simultaneously, GLI’s services empower operators to optimize business practices and cost-effectiveness.


Quality Assurance Laboratories (QALAB) is an international testing facility catering to gaming activities and operators, including land-based game providers, interactive operators, and wagering sites. Although QALAB is new to gaming, it has quickly gained recognition for providing excellent services to its worldwide clients.

Their wide-ranging services cover all gambling industry aspects.  Their skilled team rigorously tests and confirms software and hardware for both physical and online operators. This involves evaluating key elements like RNG systems, game math, payouts, and player tracking systems for traditional venues.


While gambling constitutes a minor segment of their broader operations, SQS offers an impressive array of services tailored for gaming regulators, operators, and suppliers.

SQS, established in Germany in 1982, is one of the most enduring and seasoned software quality assurance firms. Over time, they’ve flourished by establishing partnerships with prominent domestic and international companies.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and upholding sound standards of corporate governance across various global industries. They specialize in industry-focused services for multiple sectors, including online gambling.

PWC’s main goal is to build trust and enhance value through its “Connected Thinking” approach. They perform audits on financial reports, taxes, and human resources for online gambling industry companies.


SIQ Gaming Technologies operates as an independent testing company across Europe, North and Latin America, Africa, and Asia, with its headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

SIQ understands the importance of gaming control and regulation to prevent negative impacts and illegal activities. They help by conducting careful tests on gaming devices and giving certificates that follow specific rules for licenses. They’re experts in testing games for fairness, especially complex video slots with various features. These tests adhere to the rules and requirements of specific jurisdictions, for obtaining a gaming license.


Trisigma has advanced labs with all the tools needed to test and approve different gaming systems. They work with both online and land-based operators, and their team of experts provides various services.

Trisigma offers a wide range of services like testing, certification, inspection, and more, covering what modern gaming operators need. They work with different systems and devices, from software to equipment like card shufflers and casino management platforms.

Trisigma uses modern methods like analyzing data, checking game fairness, evaluating code, and testing functionality to keep up with the fast-changing gambling industry. This shows that Trisigma can handle the challenges of the gaming world and provide reliable solutions.

RSM International

RSM International, an independent accounting and consulting firm, is a global auditing company with a significant presence. As the 6th largest network of its kind, RSM International boasts a wide reach, spanning over 90 countries and featuring 700 offices. These locations collectively deliver high-quality auditing services under the RSM International banner.

Their services cover auditing, accounting, tax advice, consulting, and specialized advisory services across different industries. RSM International plays an active role, offering valuable independent auditing services that greatly benefit this dynamic industry.

BMM Compliance

BMM Compliance, a professional services and product testing firm originating in Australia, was founded in Melbourne in 1981 but has since expanded its reach to serve the global gaming industry. Specializing in compliance, BMM offers testing, assurance, and certification services to assist clients in meeting regulatory requirements within the gaming market.

BMM offers comprehensive services for different parts of gaming, including hardware and software. Their services include testing and suggestions for gaming products, checking gaming systems, regulatory audits, setting standards, policy advice, and more. BMM follows strict ISO/IEC 17025 and 17020 guidelines, showing their commitment to gaming industry quality and compliance.


The online gambling industry operates with unique business strategies and procedures that should be managed to provide a secure and fair player experience. However, there isn’t a universally recognized protocol for online casinos.

Independent organizations assist the industry in creating such protocols and conducting audits of gambling platforms to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for compliance.

Third-party casino auditing firms examine casino operations to guarantee fairness, secure transactions, and player fund safety. These audits provide players with confidence and fulfill legal requirements for casinos to receive seals of approval.


How Can I Verify the Casino is Audited?
Casinos collaborating with auditing organizations typically display auditors’ logos in the footer. They provide links to published test reports, certificates, or official websites containing comprehensive information.
Can I Complain about Casinos to Auditors?
Yes, many independent audit organizations offer a standard service for resolving disputes between gambling operators and customers.
What are the Most Reliable Gambling Auditors?
The list of audit organizations is extensive, with eCOGRA, TST, GLI, and a few other groups recognized as highly reputable within the industry.
What Services do Independent Auditors Offer to Casinos?
Independent auditors play several roles for casinos, including certifying software, testing gambling games, and overseeing overall operations of online casinos.