Terms of Service

This article (further referred to as “the Agreement”) should be considered as a disclaimer to regulate the website-user interaction between TestCasinos.co.nz (further referred to as “Website”, “Provider” “we”, “us”, “our/ours”) and the User (further referred to as “You”, “Client”, “Player”), alongside with the Privacy Policies displayed at the Website.

By accessing, navigating, and using the website, the User by default agrees to any and all terms and conditions mentioned in the Agreement or Privacy Policies. This also means an automatical consent to follow any updates added by the Provider. Should you not accept any of the terms, rules, or conditions, you need to stop utilising the Website immediately.

Please, make sure you get acquainted with the Policies, Terms, and Conditions before accessing the information and services presented by the Website.

The following text defines the rights, requirements, and liabilities of the Users and the Provider during providing-using the mentioned Services.

1. User’s Consent and Possible Correction of the Agreement.

  • The User who accesses the Website automatically gives their consent to abide and follow any and all of the Terms of this Agreement.
  • Any disagreement from the User should be followed by the immediate termination of use of the Services provided by the Website.
  • We state that it is the Provider’s responsibility and duty to make the Terms of Service agreement and Privacy Policies public and easily accessible by any User who wishes to proceed to the provided services. It is the responsibility of the User to get informed about the Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies prior to using any and all the features and services provided by the Website.
  • The Provider reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to makes changes to the Agreement, delete parts of it, modify the content, and do any alterations according to the Procedures, without the User’s permission to do so. The updated Terms of Service should come in effect within two weeks after being published on the Website and be strictly observed by each Client.
  • Should the Provider terminate its activity, there will be no compensation for the Users who used the Services. In the case of Client’s violation of any Term or Condition mentioned in this Agreement, the Provider reserves the sole right to terminate the provision of any or all services to the Client without any compensation to them.

2. The Website Use and Provided Services

  • Any and all services provided by Us are intended for the Users who, at the moment of use, are 18+ years old. The Website’s use by minors and those who try to conceal the real age is considered to be the violation of terms and Conditions by the Users.
  • Should the User be less than the designated age, they should quit using any and all the Services provided by the Website.
  • We don’t bear any or all responsibility for the misuse of the Services by minors (the individual who at the moment of use is less than 18 y.o.)

3. Types of Services

  • By the term “Services” we mean providing the information about the online casinos, the gambling industry in general, and online casino games.
  • The use of the Website and any service it offers if free of charge and should be intended for the informative purpose ONLY.
  • We are not engaged in providing any gambling or betting or i-gaming activities and should not be considered by the Users as gambling/betting/i-gaming providers.

4. Copyright and Other Intellectual Rights

  • Any and all the content (including any text, graphics, imagery, video, audio, software, or other on-website accessible material) is owned solely by co.nz. The Website should be treated as the only owner of any and all Intellectual Rights for the displayed content.
  • Any and all the content mentioned above is protected by the copyright agreement and Intellectual Property rights.
  • All the trademarks and brand names associated with co.nz is owned exclusively by the Website
  • Any appropriation of the content by the User is prohibited. The failure to abide by the terms and conditions concerning the use of content should be considered as a copyright violation.

5. List of Prohibited Activities

While using the Services and Materials from the Website, the User should not:

  • Collect personal information from other Website Users by no means under no reason
  • Participate in any unlawful activity involving use of the Website and/or Services it provides
  • Copy, duplicate, create derivatives from the source code, disseminate, redistribute, republish modify or translate any or all content presented on the Website without prior legal agreement with the Provider
  • Use any hard or software intended for phishing, collecting, storing, or stealing the information from the Website or its other Users
  • Spread the malware of any form to harm the code or to stop the Website from normal functioning or restrict it from providing the Services
  • Engage in providing and spreading misinformation about the activity of the Websites and the Services which can potentially result in harming the reputation of the Website
  • Engage in the activity that involves abusive behaviour towards other users at any section of the Website, including chat-boxes, forums, etc.

6. User-Generated Content

This section regulates the content that is allowed to be uploaded by the User.

  • The Provider reserves the right to edit, refuse to post, delete and screen the User-Generated Content if it doesn’t comply with the Terms and Conditions, Agreement or Privacy Policy defined by the Provider, or contradicts the local, national, or international laws, or is abusive, threatening, provoking or anyhow offensive towards other users.
  • All the content uploaded by the User’s name is the responsibility of the User alone
  • In case the content may require the copyright check, the Provider has the right to demand a copy of the license, model release, or any proof that this content doesn’t penetrate the Intellectual Property rights.
  • The Provider is not responsible for any User-Generated Content found on the Website and shall not be affiliated with any activity offered by other Users.
  • In case of being redirected to other webpages from the links left by other Users, you agree that any potential harm to your software or identity is out of the responsibility of the Provider.
  • The veracity and trustfulness of any content linked to the Website is the sole responsibility of the creator of this content. The Provider is not liable to any outcomes of using the content or materials that are not under the control of the Provider.

7. User’s Representations and Undertakings

By registering at/ using the Website, the User claims and affirms that:

  • They are of legal age at the moment of using the Website/Services
  • They use the Website/Services for personal purposes
  • They agree to follow any and all Terms, Conditions, Amendments, Privacy Policies mentioned in this Agreement
  • They use their personal identity when using the Website/Services. Any unauthorised use of somebody else’s identity is considered the violation of the Terms of Service
  • They use the Website/Services with compliance to local, national or international laws and their use does not object any article of the aforementioned laws

8. Disclaimer and Liability Limitations

  • The access to the Website and use of the Services is at the sole discretion and risk of the User
  • The Provider is not obliged to fulfil the expectation of the User in terms of the performance of the Website. The Provider does not guarantee that the use of services is free from errors, malware, software bugs, viruses or spyware
  • The Provider bears no responsibility for any harm caused or affiliated in any way to the use of the links that the user may find on the Website
  • The Provider reserves the right to discontinue providing any and all the Services to the User without prior notice to the User and/or any compensation thereafter.

9. Copyright Disclaimer

Should the User claim the Copyright Infringement, they should immediately inform the Provider about it. This is the list of the required information and documents to include:

  • Official proper name and the name of the company
  • Any available contact information
  • Copy of physical or electronic signature
  • A statement that proves the veracity and accuracy of the claim

10. Agreement’s Termination Policy

  • The Provider has the right to terminate the provision of any or all services without prior notice or any kind of compensation for the User
  • Discontinuation of service providing remains at the Provider’s sole discretion. It can include all Users or a particular one.
  • In case the Provider suspects the User in the unlawful activity associated with using the website, it has the right to terminate the provision of Services for them

11. Note on Confidentiality

By using the Website/signing up for receiving services, you automatically agree to keep the information affiliated with using the Website/Services confidential. Distributing and spreading any information related to the activity of the Provider or its Services to the third parties will be treated as a violation of this Agreement and will include the consequences affiliated with it.