About Us

We’re a dedicated team of experts who wanted to make a one-stop-shop for all New Zealand gamblers. Having spent years working for various online casinos, we noticed a gap in the market for a casino platform that showcased all casinos, their welcome bonuses, payment methods, and reviews. That’s where TestCasinos.co.nz was born.  Our goal is to provide honest, informative, and useful guides to casino players of all levels so they can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing their casino. We have carefully reviewed and tested all of our endorsed casinos, and we will only ever put reviews on our site from casinos that we have experience with. We’re an independent guide to casinos, and our passion is offering trustworthy advice to anyone who visits our website.

How We Rate and Review

In a nutshell, we offer unbiased advice to any gambler who visits our site. But behind this, a lot more work goes into the process. Our professional team observes and analyse existing casinos and any new casino as soon as it launches. We select the best casinos, and of course, the casinos that are all above board, so players are always reassured our recommendations are legal entities. When we review a casino, there are several points we factor into our reviewing policy. These are:

  • Reliable casinos
  • Fast and easy payouts
  • Lots of payment options to suit everyone
  • A streamlined experience – The desktop and mobile website
  • A wide range of games to suit every interest

These pointers help players make the best decisions for their own needs. We also offer players tips and tricks to help them stay ahead in the gambling world, as well as review all the latest games and across the classic card games, live dealer games, slot games and anything else a player needs to know. We also dig deep into how bonuses work and what players should look for when choosing a bonus.

If industry changes come into play, we will always update our readers, too. This means they are informed and in the know at all times. We are constantly monitoring the online gaming industry to offer better gameplay for our readers. Our goal was always to provide a useful platform for gamblers, and we’re excited to see what the future holds and where the gambling industry goes.