How to find the best designed casino?


Who wants to use an online casino that is difficult to navigate, has slow loading times, and only supports two payment methods? No one! Customers want an enjoyable, stress-free experience. They want to enjoy a site that is well-designed and has a host of user-friendly features and has the convenience that the site looks amazing. We understand this and have thus researched five sites that have the best designs for you to play on!

Design is a hugely important element of online gambling sites. It is certainly not the only factor, but it plays a significant role in the customer’s overall experience when using a site. If a website looks old and utilizes archaic technology, customer confidence is reduced. Furthermore, if a website is difficult to use, has poor loading times, and no customer support, users will become frustrated and quickly turn away.

Although the appeal of the design is purely individualistic, we can still draw upon a host of common features and techniques. For example, player A and player B might have vastly differing opinions of the same platform based on their own preferences. However, they may both like the choice of games, the customer support options, and the fact that they can easily navigate through the game categories.

We cannot accommodate every customer’s individual taste – we can create exceptionally designed platforms that conform to certain standards, and contain certain features. For example, a top platform is clutter-free and easy to navigate. In this article, we look at examples of well-designed gambling sites. We provide a host of tips and information on how to create a superb casino.

🔝 What are the examples of top-designed casinos?

Let’s get right into it and look at five examples of top-designed websites. We have chosen these 5 platforms as they exemplify what you should expect from an immaculate design gambling site:

  • Spin Casino
  • Zodiac Casino
  • Cashmio Casino
  • CasinoLand
  • Genesis Casino

If you look at the above platforms, you will notice their impeccable design and feature. These websites have much in common and utilize tried and tested techniques that have worked for hundreds of gambling sites. Platforms should feel magnificent – players should open the website and feel that wow factor immediately. They should be stunned by the graphical content and understand that the website is well-built. With the huge array of web development technology at our disposal, there is no excuse for poor design and usage of archaic technologies.

A great feature that is sometimes overlooked is the availability of help. If you notice, top platforms clearly display support options like a live chat or telephone number. It immediately gives customers confidence and shows that their experience is valued.

✨ 7 signs of a well-designed platform

Now that you have a clear idea of some great casino examples, we can breakdown what these sites have in common. Throughout the industry, there is a heap of research and information available relating to effective site design. We have taken much of this information and condensed it into 7 clear sections for creating a well-designed platform:

1. Website design

First and foremost, the design of a gambling site is hugely important. Not just the visual elements, but the functionality, layout, and usability of the site too. Customers want a casino that looks fantastic. However, they also want an enjoyable experience and a website that is easy to use. The following are some main factors to implement and consider when designing a platform:

  • Loading times should be quick regardless of location
  • Sign-up links should be clearly visible and displayed in multiple locations
  • The registration process should be quick and hassle-free
  • Games should be readily available and easy to navigate through
  • The casino homepage should utilize different widgets and banner adverts
  • The website should be mobile responsive (For example, in New Zealand extremely popular mobile pokies)
  • Licenses and certifications should be clearly displayed to boost customer confidence

2. Selection of games

Aside from the design of a website, a wide variety of fun games is also essential. Casino games are what generate profit – players spend their cash on these games. It is important to keep your customer base entertained and offer them the latest technology and game choices. If players only have a small selection of old, outdated games to choose from, they may soon become bored and move to a different platform.

In an ideal situation, you should partner with several reputable software developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Using top software provides ensures that your game selection is high quality. Moreover, it is advisable to have several game categories, including slots, table games, video poker, live dealer titles, and progressive jackpots.

3. Banking options and payment methods

As with game variety, customers should also have a great selection of payment methods and a smooth banking process. If a customer finds the deposit process tedious, they may simply give up. They may become frustrated if they can’t use their preferred payment method. Deposits should be quick and credited instantly. Furthermore, the main payment methods like Visa, Credit Card, PayPal, and E-Wallets should be available.

4. Smooth withdrawal process

To build on the above point, players should also enjoy a quick withdrawal process. Some casinos make the mistake of having long withdrawal times of 3 or more business days. Customers don’t want to wait this length of time for their winnings. Ideally, withdrawals should be processed instantly, and the time for accounts to be credited should be no longer than 48 hours. Moreover, a host of withdrawal methods should be available, with low minimum limits, and high maximum limits.

5. Varied and reliable customer support

Another important factor in the success of a casino is the availability of a customer support team. Ideally, customers should not experience issues – their time using your platform should be hassle-free and without problems. Regardless of how well-designed your website is, this doesn’t always happen. Therefore, it is important to have a dedicated and reliable customer support team.

Customers want the reassurance that they can quickly contact someone if they have a problem. The quickest and most efficient method is a live chat. Operating a 24/7 live chat is a great way to respond to customer issues quickly. Also, consider having an email support system, and potentially a dedicated call center with a telephone line. The more support options you have, the greater the confidence customers will have.

6. Welcome offers and promotions

Everyone appreciates getting something for nothing. We all love freebies and offers – casino platforms can utilize this to their advantage to entice new customers and to keep existing customers happy too. How? Using bonuses and promotions. This is a tried and tested method of gaining new custom and increasing customer spending.

Offer a range of promotions, including – welcome offers for new players, free spins, VIP programs, and seasonal promotions for different holidays. Ensure the promotions are realistic too, and that customers gain some form of benefit. The tendency is to provide low-value bonuses that benefit the platform more than the customer. Whilst this can work, being generous will pay-off in the long-term as your reputation will grow, and customers will recognize the validity of your offers.

🍀 Design is an important factor of the overall success of an online casino

As you can see, the design is just one factor when considering the overall features of an online casino. A platform should look superb and function in a logical manner. This isn’t enough. A casino should also have excellent game choices, a variety of payment methods, reliable customer support, and a host of enticing offers.

Great website design helps mesh these elements together and provide users with an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Falling short in any one of the above 7 areas of casino design could have severe ramifications and damage the relationship with your customer base.

Due to the huge scope of casino design, platforms often outsource some of these elements to third-party companies. For example, they may outsource game selection to a third-party developer like Microgaming. Moreover, they may hire professional web developers to take care of payment systems, SEO, and website design. Creating everything in-house can lead to issues, and it can spread the workforce thing – therefore, outsourcing is a great idea.

Furthermore, it is also ideal to look at other platforms and how they have achieved success. Look at their website designs and the features that make their platforms enticing to customers. You can draw inspiration from these ideas and use them to improve your own website.