What Does RTP Mean?

By Casinotop.co.nz

Playing online slots, players often come across the term RTP and wonder about its significance.

Understanding it isn’t necessary to start playing, as it doesn’t impact the game’s rules. However, knowing how RTP works is helpful and might change your preferred games.

This review explains basic RTP principles and how they work in casino games. Keep reading to learn more.

What is RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player Percentage, which represents the rewards players anticipate winning from online slots.

RTP is shown as a percentage and demonstrates the sum games pay out over time. For instance, if pokies hold an RTP of 92%, they should pay around $92 for $100 played. If you wager $100, you should receive about $92 in return.

You may also think of RTP as the house edge opposite. If a game’s RTP is 95%, the house edge is 5%, signifying the casino makes a 5% profit on that game over time.

However, note that this isn’t a strict rule for each game session. RTPs are averages calculated from numerous gaming sessions played repeatedly. So, don’t hope to get the exact RTP after just a short play. Consider it to be a general guideline and not a fixed rule.

How to Calculate RTP

There’s a specific formula for figuring out return to player percentages. RTP is calculated by dividing the total sum paid back to players by the amount of all bets.

For example, suppose a slot machine gathers $1 million in wagers and pays out $950,000 in wins to players over a month. In that case, the calculation goes like this: 950,000÷1,000,000=0.95, and slots’ RTP would be 95%. For $100 you wager in games, you expect to receive around $95 back on average (with casinos keeping the remaining $5).

Though your winnings vary with numerous spins of $100 each, the RTP ensures that the casino always has long-run advantages.

RTP in Casino Games

Remember that Return to Player Percentage doesn’t present each time winnings, even though it’s a measure of game fairness.

Here’s a simple overview of different casino games’ average RTPs.

European Roulette97.5%
American Roulette94.7%
Three card poker98.5%

Taking European Roulette as an example, it has an RTP of 97.5%, meaning the casino keeps 2.5% of bets. Betting on red, you have 50% chances of winning and the chance to double your money. Although big wins don’t happen often, the casino always keeps 2.5% of every bet you make.

This same idea applies to pokies. Some pokies have 99.5% RTPs, but you still have chances to win huge jackpots.

Highest RTP Pokies

With so many online pokies, picking the winning ones is tough. Experienced players or those who want better chances of winning often seek the pokies with the highest RTPs.

Online SlotsRTPSoftware Provider
Book of Dead Slot96.21%Play N’Go
Starburst Slot96.01%Netent
Cash Bandits 2 Slot95.3%RTG
Dragon Emperor Slot95.19%Aristocrat
Age of Gods Slot95.02%Playtech

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is powered by Play’n Go and consists of 5 reels and 10 paylines in ancient Egypt theme. It follows the journey of Rich Wilde as players explore an Egyptian pyramid in search of treasures.

Starburst Slot

Starburst, developed by NetEnt, is known for its high RTP and impressive sound and graphics. This popular video pokie features 10 paylines and a captivating outer space theme with a starry backdrop.

Cash Bandits 2

Cash Bandits 2, a sequel to Realtime Gaming’s original Cash Bandits, is the online game that offers generous payouts. It’s centered around police officers enjoying doughnuts while pursuing masked robbers. Its cartoonish aesthetics and trumpet-based audio add to the fun and engaging experience.

Dragon Emperor

Dragon Emperor, created by Aristocrat, is among the pokies with excellent chances to win. In this exciting game, players go on an adventure to find the treasure of Dragon Emperor. The game is set in snowy mountains where an old emperor lives, guarded by a magnificent golden dragon. Doing well in 5-reel game, you collect a set of 5 pearls held in the dragon’s claws.

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods, a standout game from Playtech, is inspired by ancient Greek mythology. It features four different game modes, each activated by golden icons. Players explore the powers of Greek gods like Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon.

What Else Should Players Know

While understanding RTP is valuable, it becomes even more insightful when combined with volatility regards.

RTP tells how much a game pays out overall, while volatility indicates how often. Low volatility slots pay out more often but with lower wins. High volatility slots pay less frequently but have big wins.

Volatile slots don’t have longer winless streaks but offer larger payouts. Like RTP, volatility is based on multiple spins, and your experience differs in gaming sessions.

Common RTP Misconceptions

Several common misunderstandings exist about what RTP means and its effect on your game choices.

Misconception: 96% RTP means if I bet $100 on one spin, I will definitely get $96 back.

Reality: RTP isn’t about individual bets. It’s about the long-term average payout of games. You win significantly in one session but lose in another. RTP reflects the overall game performance, not each bet.

Misconception: Playing a game with high RTP guarantees more winnings than a low RTP game.

Reality: Higher RTP increases the potential for better payouts over many spins but doesn’t ensure more winnings in shorter sessions. Variance and hit rate also determine the winning chances.

Misconception: Higher RTP means lower variance, and lower RTP represents higher variance.

Reality: This is only sometimes true. RTP refers to total payouts over time, while volatility describes the distribution of those payouts. Some high RTP games have high variance, and vice versa.

Misconception: Lower RTP games are designed to rip off players.

Reality: Lower RTP games offer better long-term value due to factors like hit rate and volatility. Some lower RTP games provide chances for huge jackpot prizes, offering unique experiences that high RTP games do not.


RTP (Return to Player Percentage) represents the expected rewards from online slots, displayed in percentages.

While an average RTP, like 92%, suggests $92 return for $100 played, it’s vital to understand that RTP is an overall trend figured on multiple gaming sessions. It indicates a possible game’s payout over time, not precise regulations for every play.