How to Buy PaySafe Voucher Online in New Zealand?


Paysafecard has become popular as a payment solution, offering prepaid vouchers for shopping and gambling.

Read on to learn about Paysafe coupons, their benefits, drawbacks, and where to purchase them.

What is Paysafecard

Paysafe, also known as Paysafecard, is a popular and user-friendly payment method originating from Austria. Established in 2000, it’s now available to customers worldwide, including New Zealand.

This prepaid payment option doesn’t require a bank account and uses vouchers for various online stores and online gambling activities. Each voucher contains a unique 16-digit code and PIN code to approve transactions. Mobile users benefit from the convenience of scanning QR codes for smoother transactions.

Voucher amounts vary, starting at NZ$10, with values increasing to NZ$200. There’s a maximum deposit limit of NZ$200 per card to prevent suspicious or unauthorized transactions. PaySafe prepaid cards are favored by customers who prioritize online payments without sharing personal or credit card information.

Where to Buy Paysafecard Vouchers Online

With the change towards online shopping, New Zealanders buy gift cards online instead of searching in stores. Finding the right websites might seem challenging if you’re new to this process.

This guide will help you discover the top online spots for buying a PaySafe voucher.


WKV is an authorized online seller of PaySafeCard vouchers. The great thing about WKV is that you check your card balance anytime. Simply create an account, purchase your voucher, and gain control over your spending.

Unlike other resellers, WKV doesn’t add extra fees. To get a PaySafeCard, use MasterCard, Visa, or Bank Transfer. Your personal information is well-protected by advanced SSL technology. Sign up, pick a voucher (NZ$5 to NZ$100), add it to the cart, pay, and start using it. WKV’s customer support responds within two business days if you have any questions or concerns.


eGiftCards is a reliable website for buying Paysafecard. They offer vouchers from 10 NZD to 200 NZD and have gaming, shopping, and more options. Payment methods include Paypal, bank transfer, and credit card. The company is NZ-owned and based in Auckland. Customer service is responsive, usually replying within a few hours.

Returning customers at eGiftCards are rewarded with points to be exchanged for vouchers. They have three VIP levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, offering more rewards as you level up. However, the notable downside is the relatively high fees charged. For instance, buying a NZ$100 Paysafecard voucher costs NZ$110, and a NZ$10 voucher costs NZ$20.


This website operates similarly to eGiftCards and allows you to choose voucher values ranging from 10 NZD to 1000 NZD. Payment methods include Paypal, Poli, and Bank Transfer. Transactions are secure, and the company is well-known in New Zealand. They offer higher-value vouchers to 1000 NZD, compared to eGiftCards.

eGiftCard also provides various gift card options, from cinema to gaming and shopping vouchers. They are a NZ-based company with a loyalty program for discounts on future purchases. Customer support is via email only, lacking phone or chat options.

However, eGiftCard frequently faces stock shortages for Paysafe cards, potentially causing inconvenience. Additionally, fees here are higher than at eGiftCards.

Places to Buy Paysafecard Offline

If online purchases or electronic payments aren’t your choice and you prefer cash, you can purchase Paysafecard from New Zealand physical stores.

To access a comprehensive list of stores, visit the official Paysafecard website or use their mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. This app enables you to locate nearby stores using your phone. Generally, Kiwis get Paysafecard at such stores as Activata, ePay, BP, and Mobil.

Paysafe Voucher Pros and Cons

Paysafecard is a popular New Zealand option, offering both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Convenience: You buy Paysafecard vouchers online without providing personal data or linking your bank account. Just purchase vouchers and use 16-digit PINs at checkout.
  • Security: Making Paysafecard purchases is quick, simple, and secure since you’re not sharing credit cards or sensitive information.
  • Limited Platforms Accepting Paysafecard: While the range of online platforms accepting Paysafecard for payments is limited, it’s a popular payment method in numerous NZ online casinos.
  • Slow Customer Support: A notable drawback of Paysafecard is its slow customer support which typically takes around 2 days to respond.


PaySafe prepaid cards are often chosen by customers who prefer online payments without sharing personal or credit card info. This secure option requires a special card number and PIN for transactions. You find Paysafecard vouchers at supermarkets, gas stations, and online platforms.


Are Paysafe Vouchers Online Safe?
Yes, buying Paysafe coupons online is entirely safe. The mentioned are legitimate and secure.
Can I Buy a Paysafecard with NZD?
Yes, all these websites allow purchasing vouchers using New Zealand Dollars (NZD).
Do New Zealanders Use Paysafe Vouchers in Offline Stores?
No, Paysafecard is used only for online transactions, such as shopping and gambling.
Are There Any Extra Charges When Buying Paysafecard Online?
Fees vary according to websites you select. WKV doesn’t include any charges, but the other two platforms do. eGiftCard applies notably high costs, and eGiftCards has relatively more moderate ones.
How Long Does a Paysafecard Code Remain Valid?
PaySafeCard code does not have an expiration date. The coupon remains valid whether you use it immediately or after a prolonged period.
Can I Pay with Paysafe Voucher Online?
Yes, numerous websites support Paysafecard payments. It’s a quick, secure, and popular payout method in NZ.
What Is the Best Website To Buy Paysafe Coupons?
We suggest using WKV since it’s an authorized Paysafecard seller and doesn’t charge any fees.